These grips offer a Flexible Eye with Single Weave galvanized
wire construction for light duty applications.

Always read Breaking Strength, safety, and technical data information.

Catalog Number Size Range Mesh Length Approx. Breaking Strength Weight
00661-004 0.15" to 0.24" 6 1/2" 400 lbs. 0.1 lb.
00661-006 0.25" to 0.37" 6 1/2" 460 lbs. 0.2 lb.
00661-010 0.38" to 0.49" 7 1/2" 860 lbs. 0.3 lb.
00661-013 0.50" to 0.62" 9" 1,250 lbs. 0.4 lb.
00661-016 0.63" to 0.74" 12" 1,790 lbs. 0.8 lb.
00661-019 0.75" to 0.99" 12" 2,580 lbs. 1.2 lbs.
00661-025 1.00" to 1.24" 12" 4,090 lbs. 2.1 lbs.

Current Tools cable grips are hand-woven by experienced trades people and this guarantees a consistent level of high quality. Current Tools grips are reverse woven, creating a loop at the end of the grip instead of being soldered or crimped together.

The looped pulling head is actually a separate wire rope eye which is placed inside the swage sleeve along with the wire mesh strands. The swage sleeve is then crimped forming an extremely effective anchor point for both the looped head and the wire mesh. Testing proves this is never the weakest link of the product. The flexible eye allows cable to be pulled more easily through smaller conduit.

The Current Tools cable grips enclose the cable firmly over the entire length of the mesh. They are made of high tensile steel strands. Depending on the type of grip, the strand comprises 7, 12 or 19 wires. By selecting the most suitable strand, the tension distribution characteristics can be adjusted to suit the requirements.

All Current Tools grips meet the highest standards in terms of material and workmanship and we are pleased to offer a wide range of grips with different designs and eye arrangements
for onsite, underground or overhead installations.

In addition to the grips listed in this catalog, Current Tools can also supply special products for particular fields of application. Information on these will be supplied upon request.

Some of the grips offered in this catalog have Rotating Heads which allow the grip to rotate while not under load. Current Tools also offers the 00501 Series swivel, designed specifically for use with flexible eye grips, it is easily interchangeable but it will also not rotate under load.

All capacities indicated are Approximate Breaking Strength. Each user must decide what safety factor they require for each specific operation before selecting which grip to use. Due to metal fatigue and possible in-use damage, quoted values only apply to new grips.

Please refer to the following pages for information on Current Tools pulling grips. Line Swivels, Breakaway Swivels and Connectors suitable for use with the grips may also be found in this catalog