Item specifics:

Hydraulic Loading Reel Trailer: HRT

Condition: New
Make: Dig and Rig Trailers
Year: 2018
Hydraulically raise/lower reels
Carrying Capacity: 8,000 (lbs)
Break Away System   
Hitch Type: Pintle Hitch
Power Source: Hydraulic/electric 2 stage pump
Reel Bar Diameter: 2.00" Cold-Rolled Steel
Weight lb (Empty): 1,100 lbs.
LED lights 
8 lug radial tires w/electric brakes
Lights: LED 
Payload Weight lb: 8,000

A fender hit is the most common damage a reel trailer will encounter in the field. We aim to change that by implementing our nerf bars as a standard feature to our XRT hydraulic reel trailer model. If you bump into an object on site or the notorious gas station barriers, you will only need some touch paint. These small collisions often cause unseen damage to your axles, frame, tires and more. Our side wall nerf bar design simply bumps you over and keeps the crew moving while protecting your investment.

Our team overwhelmingly agreed that current reel locking systems on the market were not nearly as safe as they should be. We started from scratch and developed what has become our #1 product feature.